Comfort in your home thanks to RF Meeh Heating and Cooling

Dustin Ashby June 24, 2013 Comments Off on Comfort in your home thanks to RF Meeh Heating and Cooling
Comfort in your home thanks to RF Meeh Heating and Cooling

Summer has officially arrived in St. Louis and so have the hot days and warm nights. I used to dread summer and not because of the heat on the golf course. It was the nights that were uncomfortable for me.

I live in a two story house and struggle to regulate the temperature throughout my house. Like many families, we live most of the day on the main floor and then move upstairs as the evening unfolds. Unfortunately, I struggled to keep the upstairs of my house at a comfortable temperature and as a result sleeping was a challenge.

All that being said, the summer of 2013 marks a new beginning for me and my family. Thanks to RF Meeh Heating and Cooling, I can now maintain the desired temperature upstairs and down and I’ve never slept better.

Bob Meeh of RF Meeh Heating and Cooling remains one of the top amateur golfers in the area. Thankfully, he’s even better when it comes to solving a heating and cooling issue.

Bob recommended we install an Arzel Zoning System in our house. Even though we only have one air conditioning unit supplying our home, the Arzel Zoning System Technology would allow for us to regulate our home as if we had multiple units. Best yet, it cost half as much as installing a second air conditioning system.

If you are like me and struggle to control temperatures throughout the rooms in your home, I highly recommend giving Bob Meeh a call at 636-349-4990 and ask for a free quote or more information on the Wireless Arzel Zoning System. It’s changed the way I look at summers in St. Louis.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more about the features and benefits of an Arzel Zoning System provided by RF Meeh Heating and Cooling.


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