East vs. West in annual Hieronymus Cup Matches

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East vs. West in annual Hieronymus Cup Matches

Jefferson City Country Club will play host to the Missouri Golf Association’s annual Hieronymus Cup Matches pitting the best from the East vs. their counterparts from the West.

The West took the historical advantage having won 10 of the 19 matches with their 20.5 to 20 point victory last year at Hickory Hills CC.   The East hadn’t been behind since 1996 when the West maintained a 2 – 1 advantage.  Yet while the East has traditionally maintained the historical edge, the largest margin has been only 3 when the East led 6 victories to 3 after winning at Forest Hills in 2002.  The West has won the last three Hieronymus Cup contests.

Competing for their respective teams will be 20 amateurs (10 regular and 10 senior) from both the East and West sides of the state.  The players will compete October 5-6 in three different formats.  Four Ball, Alternate Shot on Saturday followed by Singles matches on Sunday.

Players are selected based on the Missouri Golf Association Points Standings which are compiled throughout the year. Players earn points based on their finish in Missouri Golf Association affiliated events.  Two players in both the regular and senior divisions are chosen as Captain Selections to compete alongside 8 players that qualify via the points system in each division.

Captain Bobby Godwin and his East squad have their work cut out for them as their top three players from the 2013 points standings will not be available to participate as they will be competing in the United States Mid Amateur Championship.  Skip Berkmeyer, Phil Caravia and Patrick Britt are all headed to the Country Club of Birmingham in Birmingham, AL.

Let’s meet the teams:

West Senior Team – BJ Curry (Team Captain)

  • Ron Eilers
  • Ed Walsworth
  • Gerald Siemons
  • Chuck Admire
  • John McCulloch
  • BJ Curry
  • David Teel
  • Jon Sundvold
  • Joe Bellmer (Captains Pick)
  • Dee Sanders (Captains Pick)

West Team – Antonio Serrano (Team Captain)

  • Jamie Hathcock
  • Brad Nurski
  • Brian Haskell
  • Harry Roberts
  • Wayne Fredrick
  • Billy Wynn
  • Drew Hatten
  • Travis Mithcell
  • Kory Bowman (Captains Pick)
  • Tyler Stalker (Captains Pick)

East Senior Team – Bob Trittler (Team Captain)

  • Ben Cantrell
  • Karl Elbrecht
  • Bob Trittler
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Scott Edwards
  • Jeff Sarni
  • Darrell Huisinga
  • Don Bliss
  • Dirk Teargarden (Captains Pick)
  • Joe Timpone (Captains Pick)

East Team – Bobby Godwin (Team Captain)

  • Ryan Eckelkamp
  • Chad Niezing
  • Joe Migdal
  • Paul Neeman
  • Dustin Ashby
  • Bryan Bohme
  • Patrick Riordan
  • Bobby Godwin
  • David Bremer (Captains Pick)
  • Chris Dale (Captains Pick)

Follow all the action which begins Saturday, October 5th on the Missouri Golf Association website – HERE.

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