Anderson, Maple Tie for Low Amateur Medal at 2014 Publinx

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Anderson, Maple Tie for Low Amateur Medal at 2014 Publinx

John Anderson Jr. and Dave Maple took low amateur honors at this year’s Publinx Open played yesterday at the Norman K. Probstein Golf Course. It was a gorgeous day to celebrate golf in St. Louis at Forest Park.

Fresh off a loss in the first round of the Old Warson Cup Matches, Corey Choate of Wolf Hollow Golf Club posted a score of 70 to finish one shot back of the leaders along with a handful of other players including, Crimson Callahan (fresh off a win on the AJGA Tour at Links of Kokopelli, Ryan Eckelkamp and Joe Williams. Patrick Britt and former UMSL Golf Standout, Tim Cochran finished at 71.

View the Professional and Senior Amateur Leaderboard HERE

Amateur Leaderboard

First Name Last Name Amateur Score
John Anderson Jr Am 69
Dave Maple Am 69
Crimson Callahan Am 70
Cory Choate Am 70
Ryan Eckelcamp Am 70
Joe Williams Am 70
Patrick Britt Am 71
Tim Cochran Am 71
Brian Craig Am 72
Dan Greiner Am 72
Rich Keuss Am 72
Frankie Thomas Am 72
Brian Hall Am 73
Ryan Haxel Am 73
Tyler Huelskamp Am 73
Jack Knoesel Am 73
Michael Luehders Am 73
Joe Molitor Am 73
Paul Neeman Am 73
Sammy Parker Am 73
Rob Scherrer Am 73
Scott Siebert Am 73
Mike Spalding Am 73
Dave Strickland Am 73
Justin Bliss Am 74
Lou Brock Jr. Am 74
Kevin Cadieux Am 74
Thomas Helfrich Am 74
Scott Horton Am 74
James Trittler Am 74
Andy Delehaunty Am 75
Patrick Harrell Am 75
Phillip Hickam Am 75
Ryan McKillips Am 75
Ken Morgan Am 75
John Stricker Am 75
Kevin McLaughlin Am 76
Sean Normile Am 76
David Pini Am 76
Pat Riordan Am 76
Larry Benoist Jr. Am 77
David Bremmer Am 77
Padraic Kerr Am 77
Dustin LaGrand Am 77
Chad Niezing Am 77
Josh Phillips Am 77
Joe Richardson Am 77
Mark Rieke Am 77
Frank Benoist Am 78
Joe Christian Am 78
Scott Kirchoff Am 78
Orlando Williams Am 78
Joe Behl Am 79
Scott Holdridge Am 79
Brendan Keuss Am 79
Brett Alexander Am 80
Chris French Am 80
David Johnson Am 80
Scott Larson Am 80
Nick Matrisotto Am 80
Rodney Ragsdale Am 80
Tyler LaGrand Am 81
Luis Aguayo Am 82
Brett Balber Am 82
Russell Brightman Am 82
John Gerard Am 82
Tim Heiman Am 82
Willy Honeycutt Am 82
Chris Stinnett Am 83
Alec Stojanovic Am 83
John Stransky Am 83
Patrick Caufield Am 84
Kevin Forbes Am 84
Jim McLaughlin Am 84
Mike Bernal Am 85
Brandon Crump Am 85
Robby Meeh Am 85
Don Beckerle Am 86
Matt Delehaunty Am 86
Ryan Findlay Am 86
Kyle Kochtanek Am 86
Jim Hibolt Am 87
Mike Murphy Am 87
Brett Pierce Am 87
Alec Strickland Am 87
Mike Kavanaugh Am 88
Corey Lohnes Am 88
Jim Maender Am 90
Jim Pytlinski Am 90
John Adams Am 91
Colin Stolze Am 91
Dan Cox Am 92
Todd Ondr Am 93

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