Berkmeyer Finishes Strong, Captures 6th Normandie Amateur Title

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Berkmeyer Finishes Strong, Captures 6th Normandie Amateur Title

Cover Photo Compliments of Curt Rohe at the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association

It’s been a good couple of weeks for Skip Berkmeyer. Just over a week ago, Berkmeyer returned to the Coleman Invitational at Seminole GC in Juno Beach, FL and finished T5 against the top mid amateurs in the country. He then proceeded to earn a spot in U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying after grabbing one of the 6 available spots at the Missouri Bluffs earlier this week.

On Sunday, Berkmeyer added to his list of accomplishments by capturing his 6th Normandie Amateur Championship. Entering the round tied with University of Missouri-St. Louis Men’s Golf Coach, Troy Halterman at 1 under, Berkmeyer and Halterman remained tied at 2-under for the tournament with 9 holes to play.

Both players would make bogey for the 2nd consecutive day on the difficult par 4, 11th hole and fall back to Even for the championship. Halterman would add another bogey on the par 3, 12th hole giving Berkmeyer the advantage and the rest was history.

Berkmeyer would add a birdie at 13 and then an eagle 3 on the short par 5, 15th hole to grab a 4 shot cushion over Halterman as the final group entered the difficult final three holes at Normandie Golf Club.

Both players would struggle on the 16th, but Berkmeyer would bounce back with a birdie 4 on the par 5, 17th. Halterman would finish strong with a birdie, 2, on the final hole to go with Berkmeyer’s bogey, but the 6-time Normandie Amateur Champion was too much on this day finishing 2 shots clear of the field.

28th Normandie Amateur
Normandie Golf Club

Berkmeyer, Skip 70-69–139
Halterman, Troy 70-72–142
Moloney, Ted 74-72–146
Caravia, Phil 75-72–147
Franklin, Jeremy 77-72–149
Hull, Chad 74-75–149
Callahan, Crimson 76-74–150
Barry, Tom 75-76–151
Frost, Andy 73-78–151
Jaeger, Kevin 79-73–152
Beaston, Justin 79-73–152
Hawn, Wils 78-74–152
Lovett, Brian 74-78–152
Johnson, Jeff 79-74–153
Sneed, Garrett 76-77–153
Voisin, Bryce 75-78–153
Molitor, Joe 71-82–153
Neeman, Paul 79-75–154
Souchek, Steven 78-76–154
Allen, Buddy 77-77–154
Riordan, Patrick 80-75–155
Hall, Brian 79-76–155
Normile, Sean 78-77–155
Harrell, Patrick 76-80–156
Choate, Corey 79-78–157
Migdal, Sam 78-79–157
Wade, Brian 77-80–157
Seibert, Scott 77-80–157
Ngala, Donny 76-81–157
Welsch, Torrey 75-82–157
Mallon, Dan 80-78–158
Anderson, John 80-78–158
Mazdra, Greg 79-79–158
Bolhofner, Mark 78-80–158
Vonalst, Austin 78-80–158
Gardiner, Mark 78-80–158
LaGrand, Dustin 77-81–158
Greiner, Dan 75-83–158
Sucharski, James 82-77–159
Horton, Scott 81-78–159
Bliss, Justin 81-78–159
Flaugher, Alex 79-80–159
Hart, Gene 80-80–160
Spiess, Casey 79-81–160
Rector, Mel 77-83–160
Brumm, EJ Jr 77-83–160
Cahill, Jason 78-83–161
Comerford, Tyler 78-83–161
Christian, Joseph 86-76–162
Nolfo, Tony 83-79–162
Hawn, Charles 81-81–162
Higgins, Ryan 81-81–162
Scherer, Rob 86-77–163
Kueper, John 83-80–163
Calcari, Nathan 81-82–163
Ritter, Keith 79-84–163
Profancik, Nick 86-78–164
Sciales, Jake 81-83–164
Rhomberg, Ed 81-83–164
Mozur, Gerald 80-84–164
Ramsey, Terry 75-89–164
Minemier, Robert 85-80–165
Phillips, Josh 83-82–165
Sexton, Andrew 82-83–165
Lin, Quinn 81-84–165
Pohrer, Robert 84-82–166
Weingart, Lew 83-83–166
Cullen, Matthew 86-81–167
Pierce, Van 82-85–167
Hornak, Michael 80-87–167
Speicher, David 78-89–167
Kirchoff, Scott 79-89–168
Dobrynski, Brian 88-81–169
Ross, Pat 81-88–169
Stojanovic, Aleks 84-86–170
Reid, Patrick 84-86–170
Gomes, Frank 86-86–172
Leek, Andrew 85-87–172
Combs, Brett 91-83–174
Buechler, Brian 83-91–174
Hogan, Harold 87-88–175
Speicher, Mike 90-86–176
Rudd, Bill 89-87–176
Whitaker, Tom 87-89–176
Sippel, Jack 87-89–176
Gregory, James 91-87–178
Frost, Wheeler 95-86–181
Gehrig, Tim 92-90–182
Forbes, Kevin 91-91–182
Lohnes, Corey 92-91–183
Mears, Gary 89-94–183
Clayman, Mike 97-87–184
Mathison, George IV 90-95–185
Buchek, Jeff 88-97–185
Gambaro, Frank 96-91–187
Riggles, Brandon 92-96–188
Hermann, Andrew 89-101–190
Welsh, Gary 103-94–197
Cusumano, Alex 83-WD–WD
Kopsky, Matt 83-WD–WD
Stinnett, Chris 88-NS–NS
Beatty, Zachary 92-NS–NS
Dager, Kevin 93-WD–WD


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