PGA Championship Viewing Guide

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PGA Championship Viewing Guide

St. Louis golf fans are showing the world why St. Louis is considered by many to be one of the greatest sports towns in the country.

So just how do you go about maneuvering the grounds at Bellerive Country Club amidst record breaking crowds and still enjoy watching the 100th playing of the PGA Championship?

Here’s a cheat sheet of how to view the competitive rounds at Bellerive:

Best Viewing Location – Just left of the 14th green there is a hillside anchored by one of Bellerive’s large Oak Trees. You’ll access this hillside by entering near the stairs to the grandstand over looking the 11th green. From this location you’ll be able to watch action down the 11th hole, 12th hole, 3rd hole and until it gets really crowded you’ll even be able to watch the action directly behind you on the 14th green. Around 11:30am you’ll start getting shade from the big oak tree, so the closer you can get to the trunk of the tree the better. (Bring some binoculars and you’ll be able to watch play down the 4th hole and on #2 green well.)

#5 Tee – From around the 5th tee you’ll be able to see tee shots down the 5th, approach shots into the 4th and approach shots into the 7th hole.

#7 Tee – From this location you’ll be able to watch 2nd and 3rd shots into the 8th hole, action around the 6th green and tee shots from the par 4, 7th hole.

#8 (Around the 100 yard marker) – Here you’ll be able to watch approach shots into the par 5, 8th hole which is the easiest hole on the course this week. You can also watch the action up the 9th fairway.

#15 Green Area – While you won’t be able to stand and see action from multiple locations here, you are close to several good viewing areas. The 10th green is behind you, along with the tee shots to the par 3, 16th hole. And of course, players will be grinding their way down the long par 4, 15th hole.

Little Kids? – Check out the area along the 11th green, directly across the creek right by the gallery ropes. ¬†This area is right in between the 3rd tee and 11th green. What’s nice about this location is that most to the gallery following players down 11 will be on the opposite side of the fairway and won’t make you claustrophobic. Galleries following play on the front nine will divide at the 2nd green with many of them watching the play on 3 from the inward part of the hole, making for an easy transition to 4; again staying away from your location. As soon as your favorite player is past 11, just turn around and get a prime location for watching shots from the par 3. Small children enjoy this location as they won’t be fighting looking around anyone and nobody can sit in front of you.

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