So Where Does Phil Rank?

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So Where Does Phil Rank?

Mickelson captured his 5th major championship and is now 3/4 of the way towards the career grand slam, a feat only five others have ever accomplished. So just where does this victory place Phil among golf’s greatest ever?

It’s safe to say the top four in no particular order will include Nicklaus, Hogan, Jones and Woods. Gary Player is among the group to win the career grand slam and captured 9 major titles, so insert Player in the conversation of who could complete a top five. If not Player, you could insert Arnold Palmer and his 7 major championships.

An argument could be made for Sam Snead and his 7 majors, and ironically enough Snead lacked the U.S. Open just as Mickelson currently does to complete the career Grand Slam.

So just how would we rank golf’s greatest players of all-time?  Here’s our best shot:

1.) Nicklaus

2.) Woods

3.) Hogan

4.) Jones

5.) Player

6.) Snead

7.) Nelson

8.) Palmer

9.) Watson

10.) Sarazen

11.) Trevino

12.) Hagen

13.) Ballesteros

14.) Faldo

15.) Mickelson

16.) Els

17.) Casper

18.) Singh

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