Course Management

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Course Management

If your goal is to shoot lower scores, then course management should be at the top of your list, as it’s the primary reason Tiger Woods was being regarding by many as potentially the greatest golfer of all time and it’s an area where Tiger is currently struggling.

Golf tips: Improving your course management

Here are a few thoughts you should keep in the forefront of your mind during a round of golf.

1. Trying to hit a shot that requires perfect execution is usually the recipe for trouble, particularly if you don’t get to practice every day. Play shots you know you can handle.

2. Allow for some margin of error; off the tee take the safe route, into the green play away from trouble. Hitting more fairways and greens leads to confidence that creates better swings.

3. Use the proper club. You don’t always have to hit a driver off the tee; on short par 4s, try teeing off with a fairway wood, hybrid or long iron. Into greens, if trouble is in front, use a longer iron and play to the back (and vice-versa if the trouble is over the green).

4. Finally, be realistic when it comes to your capabilities. If given the choice to “go for it” or play it safe, most golfers will mistakenly go for it. Avoid this, and learn that “playing within yourself” is the first step toward shooting lower scores.

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