Early Season Do’s and Dont’s

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Early Season Do’s and Dont’s

It’s golf season again…finally!

If you are like me, you long for the wintertime to be short and mild here in St. Louis.  While mother nature does not often cooperate in the spring, it seems consistent golf weather is finally here.  So here is a short list of what to do when your golf season begins.

*DO NOT buy the jumbo bucket of balls at your favorite practice facility and pound drivers for 2 hours.  You will end up in the emergency room and mostly likely my office after that J

*DO go visit your local PGA professional to get a spring tune up.  You have probably been on You Tube all winter long exploring swing theories which you cannot wait to put into practice….here’s the deal…your body type and level of flexibility dictate the type of swing you should have.  Your PGA pro can figure this out…you cannot J

*DO expect less than ideal conditions at all of your local facilities.  Winter sucks for grass….it’s just the way it is.  Unless your home course has the maintenance budget of Augusta National, just be happy there is grass, it’s greenish, and you can get outside to play in the springtime!

*DO be early to your tee time and give your old, stiff body adequate time to warm up.  Sprinting from the car to the first tee in mid- April is a great for me, but not good for youJ

*DO NOT play slow!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the reason golf sucks for too many people.  Find it, hit it, and hit it again.  You are not a Tour Player; you are most likely not going to be a tour player, so get a damn move on!!!!  If you miss the 2 footer on 18 after standing over it for 30 seconds to lose the $1 Nassau…send me the bill.

*DO patronize the many, wonderful, local public courses we have access to here in Missouri and Illinois!

I hope to meet many of you on the links this season soon!


Dr. Tobin Lingafelter
Owner, Back & Neck Care Center of Sunset Hills

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