Michael Collins on 101.1 ESPN

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Michael Collins on 101.1 ESPN

Michael Collins of ESPN joined Dustin Ashby on The Back Nine Radio Show this past Saturday to offer his perspective on the top stories in the world of golf.  Collins, who hosts regular chats on ESPN.com each Monday and Friday throughout the golf season, spoke about Rory McIlroy, the importance of confidence in your equipment and the emergence of young players on the PGA Tour.

Collins also helped golf fans understand what the professional golfer is thinking when considering an equipment change.  “Even professionals believe I’m good enough to make the adjustment.  When it comes to the golf ball, mentally with the sound it makes and way it feels coming off the putter, something in your subconscious tells you that’s not right.”
Golf fans don’t have to look very far to find a player who was just two years ago emerging into one of the top players in the world.  Coming off two wins during the Fed Ex Cup playoffs, Camilo Villegas made the decision to switch equipment and go with TaylorMade.  He made the switch and immediately began to struggle.  Villegas will be hoping for sponsors exemptions this year to get in many events as he will be playing under conditional status on the PGA Tour.
Listen to the entire interview with Michael Collins on the Back Nine Podcast page – HERE.

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