2013 Gateway Cup Matches – Four Ball

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2013 Gateway Cup Matches – Four Ball

The Four Ball pairings for the opening day of the 2013 Gateway Cup Matches have been set. The respective Captains introduced Sunday’s pairings via Twitter.  Skip Berkmeyer (@SBerkmeyer) and Brett Moomey (@BretskyPGA) will once again lead their respective teams in the annual showdown of the area’s best amateurs and top professionals.

Four Ball Pairings

12:33     Chad Niezing / Jeff Johnson     vs.     Bob Gaus / Rob Sedorcek

12:42     Phil Caravia / Joe Migdal      vs.       JC Anderson / Mike Suhre

12:51      Patrick Britt / Brevin Giebler       vs.        Ryan Roy / Gideon Smith

1:00        Eli Grant / Brett Meeske         vs.         Jeff Whitfield / Ty Zimmerman

1:09         Andy Frost / Andy Fogarty         vs.         Nash Haxel / Mike Tucker

1:18         Skip Berkmeyer / Ted Moloney        vs.        Brian Fogt / Justin Auping

1:27         Tom Barry / Scott Edwards          vs.           Brett Moomey / Scott Brauer


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